Why are plants green?

· Stefano Chiodino

Most of the sun energy is in the green wavelength, why do plants not absorb it?

Most of the sun's energy is in the green wavelength, however that's exactly what the plants bounce back, as chlorophyll of type a and b absorbs light in the red and blue spectrum.

It was thought that collecting too much of the available wavelength could harm the plant (think of how hot black surfaces can become). However it has recently been discovered that plants are trying to optimise for a steady flux of energy, because flickers in the energy collected can cause energy failures or tissue damage.

In the long run evolution selects for performances, but also stability.

Source: Reddit /r/til

Ref: https://www.quantamagazine.org/why-are-plants-green-to-reduce-the-noise-in-photosynthesis-20200730/