Netlify wants 400 USD for my free tier website consumption

· Stefano Chiodino


I've been an happy Netlify user for a few years. Personal use, nothing fancy, but I've found their service complement very well static websites. So, in addition to my personal website I've decided to host there a pet project with the rivetting title Analytics bypassing adblockers. This was to show the fundamental weakness of most adblockers, and how a simple reverse proxy can punch straight through most of them. I've now moved this to github pages for now, but the reverse proxy mechanism is broken.

Just playing around with the reverso proxy concept, I found out Netlify supports this very well, and so I set this up this way.

1# Reverse proxy anything after "/proxy/".
3from = "/proxy/*"
4to = ":splat"
5status = 200
6headers = {Access-Control-Allow-Origin = ""}

Have you noticed it yet? "Reverse proxy anything" whitelist, no blacklist :(

This was used to reverse proxy Google GTM, load the page, and show that indeed, uBlock and many more would allow GTM to load and manipulate the page. A few people were upset on hacker news, then I forgot about it.

Until I received this email:

I soon realised what happened. I only needed GTM, why did I leave it wide open?

What Laura didn't mention is that the day after I would receive another $340 bill, for a total of $400:

At first I've got quite concerned, but then I realised that I never put my billing details in Netlify, so how is it possible that they charged me?

Oh no, imagine if the BBC published an article about my website with a single 11kb page! That could have ruined my reputation!