Geotag photos with GPS coordinate from Google Maps location history

on Stefano Chiodino


Do you want to add geotagging (latitude and longitude coordinates) to your photos?

This is particularly useful if you use DSLR or mirrorless cameras that often lack this feature.

All you need for this is to have location history enabled in google maps. This process will add a location to a photo based on where your phone reported you where when the photo was taken.

Go to your timeline. and download each day you want to use using the cog at the bottom right

Put the photos to tag and the KML activity files in the same folder, and for each run

1exiftool -overwrite_original -geotag act_ity_file.kml .

If you receive a warning like

Warning: No writable tags set from ./2022-05-08 13.33.27.jpg
Warning: Time is too far from nearest GPS fix in File:Geotime (ValueConvInv) - ./2022-05-08 13.33.37.jpg

This means that there are no GPS points within the default 30 minutes of the photo. To extend this time you can use the -api flag like -api GeoMaxIntSecs=9999 -api GeoMaxExtSecs=9999. See the exiftool documentation.

See also this post where I refined this idea from.