I turned down a job offering 56% more money

Im currently working at a lovely agency in the city centre, where I’m about to (apparently, hopefully) pass the 6 months probation period. Am I happy there? Yes. People are lovely and the job is good. I’m paid well, more than I would have thought possible one or two years ago. I happen to cycle to work for 15-20 minutes which means I do start to drop a sweat by the end of it, but it’s extremely cheap, environmentally friendly, and it keeps me fit. Big fan. Never liked traffic and motorcycle is not viable all year round in England.

A company approached me for a position and we held 2 interviews, after which they offered me something around 56% increased salary, for what I think may have been a genuinely good position.

The only catch? It’s a consultancy firm and work is to be done at clients offices. As it stands that could mean any amount of commuting. Right now apparently I would have had to commute to the nearby town of Halifax. Buying a car/motorcycle or just using public transports would mean around 1 hour of commuting.

I turned the offer down. At the end of the day how happy my day to day is what matters. I do feel a bit silly having turned down so much money, but at the end of the day what am I going to do with it? I don’t think I could buy myself something that would pay me back for 2 hours of day of commuting that I won’t enjoy doing!

I’m writing this to let you know that you don’t always have to take the option offering the most money. Think about yourself.